I am an IT Professional with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Florida State University and a minor in Business.
Some quick things to know about me:

  • Great interest in finding and resolving integral problems within systems
  • I have great leadership and networking skills in addition to my bounty of technical skills as can be seen below
My Portfolio page has a great deal of language on what I have experience doing in working and sandbox environments. My Blog page has a few tutorials on things I have done.

May it also be mentioned that this website, as well as those of other students at the Florida State University, is housed on my personal server that I own and operate. It is Windows Server 2012 based and is home to AD, DNS, DHCP, IIS7, MySQL, JAVA and many game servers that are run by my several different gaming communities that I have either started or am an integral part in.

Look at what I can do

I have a very unique and diversified skill set that has been the product of my ingenuity as well as my drive for excellence.

  • Does your company need an individual that will identify and solve your current problems?
  • Does your company have the need for a dedicated and solidified employee with years of experience under their belt?
  • I ask the questions of you not only to let you know who I am, but what I'm prepared to bring to your conference table!

I encourage you to visit my Portfolio page to see some of the interests I have and basic project overviews that I have listed. A direct example of recent work that I have been involved with can be found on my Blog page.